A special feature on the Warc website dated 20 February 2014 points out that a growing number of Australian businesses intend to do more content marketing this year compared to the last. As Web-savvy consumers turn to the Internet for their shopping needs, it only makes sense for businesses to follow where their customers are. The article shares the following expert observations as regards the state of the content marketing industry:

Content Marketing - Catching Up: Capitalizing on Powerful Sunshine Coast SEO Services

“This year confirms a trend where we are seeing large budget variances across all sectors, but organisations with a turnover of under $150m are more likely to be expecting budget increases, and among those expecting increases the average lift is a very healthy 18%,” said Mark Crowe, Australian Marketing Institute CEO.

Content marketing was included in the institute’s survey for the first time this year and “entered the charts with a bullet” in Crowe’s words. Fully 49% of those surveyed said they planned to do more content marketing this year than last. 

“We have seen a sharp increase in content marketing – while not surprising it’s still quite extraordinary”, said Crowe. “Meanwhile, the use of social networking and web 2.0 as a communication channel continues to grow, but spending has stabilised.”

Clearly, businesses looking to stay competitive can’t afford to ignore the power of internet marketing any longer. A company without an online presence is sure to lose ground to competitors whose pages rank highly on search engines and are able to attract considerable site traffic on a regular basis. As such, small to medium businesses would do well to consider professional search engine optimization or SEO services in Sunshine Coast from a reputable firm such as Marketing theProduct.

To successfully promote itself online, a business will need to carefully construct its website for maximum accessibility to site visitors. This entails an uncluttered page layout, high-impact visuals, easy navigation, and links that work. More importantly, a website must offer content that is fresh, informative, and relevant—in short, the type of information one’s target audience is likely to find valuable.

Such a task is easier said than done, however, since not a lot of businesses are capable of determining what their websites need to be truly optimized. Fortunately, a Sunshine Coast SEO company can provide businesses with the tools, resources, and content to greatly enhance their websites.

(Source: Australian content marketing set to grow, warc.com, February 20, 2014)