Just like any business environment, the web is always changing, and consequently, search engine results will always be in a state of flux to account for each change that occurs. For search engine users, this is a good thing, because it allows them to find whatever it is they are trying to find. From the marketing point of view, however, each change comes with a set of winners and losers. Still, this should not be viewed as a bad thing.

Evaluate Algorithmic - Quality Sunshine Coast SEO Services Help Keep You Ranking on Google

On April Fools’ Day, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam Team, answered the question “When will you stop changing things?” as a prank. Animating his T-shirt to underscore his point, Cutts reiterated some of the basic reasons behind Google’s continual evolution. At one point in his Google Webmasters video, he touched on the subject of webspammers and how they destroy the search engine experience for users. He explained that this, basically, is the crux around which every change to Google, or any other search engine, revolves.

It is also for this reason that businesses that market themselves online should not see changes to search results as a bad thing. In fact, each change to a search engine algorithm should be seen as good—it is an effort to weed out webspammers and help a business rank higher on search engine results pages, or SERPs.

However, an algorithm change doesn’t necessarily mean your business will win out. Some changes might see your site place higher on results pages and others might cause it to plummet out of sight. In order to stay ahead of the competition and continue to rank highly for relevant searches, engaging Sunshine Coast SEO services is a must.

In order to help their clients perform better, Sunshine Coast SEO experts do their best to stay current with search engine trends. They do this, primarily, by making sure that a website conforms to certain standards of quality and that it has content that would interest users.

As Mike Cutts elaborates in another Google Webmasters video, How does Google evaluate algorithmic changes?, Google uses a team of website quality raters to help them judge how algorithm changes affect the search results. If your website’s quality is not up to par with what Google’s raters think is good, you will go nowhere but down.

Having an experienced team, like Marketing theProduct, manage your SEO affords you a measure of safety against ranking badly on Google and other search engines. Having picked the brains of Google’s team of raters for a very long time, they understand what works, what doesn’t, and what outperforms everything else.

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