Trends come and go every year in the world of marketing, and this year, businesses might want to consider a whole range of interesting web design elements if they wish to stay up to date. According to Tech News Plus, one of these elements is called “responsive web design”, in which a webpage optimizes its layout and size based on how the user manipulates the web browser window. In contrast, text and images in the past ended up looking cluttered whenever the user reduced or increased the browser window size.

Web Designing - Responsive Web Design in the Sunshine Coast: A Must-Have for 2014

While the main benefits of responsive web design are quite obvious, the whole point of this technology is to create websites that can be accessed and viewed across a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. This feature allows businesspeople, for instance, to communicate with their partners and clients via the Internet without having to boot up cumbersome desktop or laptop computers.

Designing a responsive website is not as easy as it sounds, however, and is often the preserve of a small number of design and marketing firms in the world like Marketing theProduct, a company that offers (among others) top-notch web design in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Even so, a responsive website may not have the intended impact if it fails to incorporate the other must-have design elements for websites in 2014.

Quality content is another trend most Internet users will be looking for in the near future. Websites that don’t have anything unique and informative to offer by way of news articles, videos, and blog posts are likely to attract and retain fewer site visitors. The rationale behind this is that consumers grow more curious about each company they transact with and consequently have more reasons to remain loyal to a brand that offers them valuable information.

Sunshine Coast website design companies like Marketing theProduct can address these needs not only for the sake of generating interest, but also for the express purpose of improving a website’s search engine ranking and visibility—factors that influence how effectively a website can attract visitors. Incorporating the above design elements should give any website an added boost over the competition in 2014.

(Source: Top Web Designing Trends of 2014, Tech News Plus, February 11, 2014)