Search engine optimisation, online presence, SERP rankings, etc. – you already know the drill. You’ve probably heard a hundred times (maybe even more) just how important these elements are to your online presence. If there’s ever any doubt, Search Engine Journal confirms that 93 per cent of online experiences start with search engines, and Google in particular.

mar001 726x490 - The Crucial Role of Initial Reports in an Effective SEO Campaign

In a dynamic and competitive business environment such as Australia’s Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast, businesses need effective SEO services to dominate the online competition. Before you even start thinking about keeping up with the competition, though, you must first let people know that your business exists and that you can offer what they want or need. To start with, you will need the kind of thorough initial report that a trusted online marketing company such as Marketing theProduct can provide.

The Value of the Initial Report

Whether you’ve just built a website or have had it up and running for quite some time, you will benefit from a review that can pinpoint the enhancements necessary to turn your website into a true revenue generator. First off, though, you should be aware of the importance of initial reports at the start of any SEO campaign.

Before a digital marketing firm can carry out a suitable strategy, they must first audit your site to find out the specific elements that are stopping search engines from finding and indexing your website, where you stand in comparison with your top competitors, the correct keywords to use, the exact technical fixes your site needs, and how to improve the content of your website.

What the Initial Report Should Contain

The initial report allows you to better understand where your online marketing provider is coming from and what steps they need to accomplish to boost your site’s ranking on organic search results. Search Engine Watch recommends checking the report for the following essential details:

Keyword Research. This will help you understand why the campaign is targeting certain keywords, their conversion potential, and other important data.

Competition Analysis. This gives you substantial insight on where you are positioned and how to rise in organic search results.

Website Audit. More on the technical side, an audit reveals aspects of the site itself that will need to be fixed or improved.

Online marketing experts such as Marketing theProduct provide the initial report for free. Be sure to examine the report as closely as possible and do not hesitate to ask questions.


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