Website design is not just about visual impact as it also encompasses the overall user experience. Usability, then, should be your ultimate goal when it comes to effective Sunshine Coast website design.

Importance of Web Usability Chron - Effective Sunshine Coast Website Design All Boils Down to Usability

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer who is looking for the products or services you offer. That customer types in a search phrase on Google and sees your site listed on the first page of search results, which means your site is optimised for the Web. The user experience has only just begun. You want that person to be more than a visitor, but an actual paying customer. If that person finds your site rather cumbersome or utterly unusable, that conversion simply won’t happen.

According to statistics collected by the Website Standards Association and cited in an article on Chron, visitors will linger on a website for around 10 seconds before they decide whether to stay or leave. Within that small window of time, the user must already determine whether or not your website is usable.

Even if you offer top-quality products or services and publish the most informative content, these advantages matter little if visitors find it difficult to navigate your site. Consider the following statistics from the Online Marketing Institute:

  • Users who leave a site because of poor design – 85 percent
  • Users who leave because they have to click too many times to accomplish what they want – 83 percent
  • Shoppers who gave up looking for an item online – 62 percent
  • Users who never return to a site due to content issues – 40 percent
  • Sales lost because visitors can’t locate content – 50 percent

Dissatisfied visitors are also likely to share their experience with other people. Clearly, you need the kind of professional website design that can guarantee a superior user experience.

Focus on the User

All visual elements of your website should take your corporate image and design preferences into account. At any rate, your focus should be on making sure visitors stay long enough to find out more about your business and, ultimately, convert them into customers.

You don’t need to be a webmaster to achieve your website design goals. The important thing is to communicate with your Sunshine Coast website design service. A company like Marketing theProduct will typically analyse your business, your goals, your products/services, and target audience when creating a website development plan. Your website developer must also  provide technical support and maintenance services to make sure your site runs smoothly at all tines.

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