Why do you need good Sunshine Coast web design to ensure the success of your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts? Are not SEO and web design completely different things? Well, that might be true, but they work side by side. Thing is, good SEO helps your web site rank on search engines, whilst good web design makes visitors stay—and come back again and again.

2 - How Sunshine Coast Web Design Influences Your Business’ SEO Success

If nothing else, search engines use web design as a factor for ranking sites. According to Forbes contributor Drew Hendricks, sites with responsive web design rank high on search results as consumers increasingly shift towards mobile internet usage. Moreover, Google has since taken a stance by favouring responsive web design over other configurations that address mobile usability.

Web Design: It’s About How Your Site Works

One of the most memorable quotes by Steve Jobs has to do with his take on design:

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

As you can see, the statement is generalised and rightly so as it applies not only to handheld gadgets but also to a great many things, including your website. Meanwhile, even if your website runs seamlessly across different platforms, you should also make sure that it ultimately fulfils its main purpose of helping generate profit. Design accomplishes that. Development overlaps in this regard, of course, but that is a whole new topic for another day.

Whenever a user lands on your site, the look and feel is the first thing that no doubt catches his/her attention. Subsequently, it’s up to the usability and function of your website to get a hold of that attention. If the user finds a need for a product or service that you offer, you’d want that user to come back to your site. Provided your products or services are of top quality, the design of your website will make the difference between the user deciding to do business with you or jump to a competitor with a more usable website.

Good Design and SEO Improvement: It’s a Cycle

How does professional Sunshine Coast web design, like what Marketing theProduct provides, further enhance your site’s SEO results? With good design, you can enhance your website’s usability, provide a better user experience, and present content in a way that visitors find engaging. As such, they are not only likely to become customers and repeat visitors but are also much more inclined to recommend your site to other people. Some might even give rave reviews of your site over social media. Engagement and linking of this sort are what search engines consider strong “signals” about your site’s credibility, thereby earning you better rankings.


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