The way websites looked back in the day pale in comparison to recent web designs. With the introduction of smarter technology and tools, the possibilities for creative and attention-grabbing web design on the Sunshine Coast are endless. Websites that are sure to make an impact on the online community are those designed for mobility, maximize the use of video to capture viewers’ interest, and offer content that lead to conversions. Carly Stunder of The VAR Guy writes about the web design trends that are bound to stand out this year.

5 Website Design Trends to Dominate 2015 - The Need for Vivid and Responsive Web Design on the Sunshine Coast

Minimalist Design

Cluttering a layout only serves to drown out your message or dilute the image you want to project.  A clean backdrop, on the other hand, makes the user experience pleasant and distraction-free.  Use intermittent splashes of colour, appropriate typography, and proper spacing to put emphasis on certain points of your presentation.

The Power of Video

The use of video on websites will be even more prevalent this year.  Video content helps bring your message across in an impactful manner as it has the power to both delight and educate viewers. Accessible mobile video applications have made viewing short clips simpler and easier, thereby creating a mobile generation that uses video sites like YouTube as search engines.

Web-Responsive Design

With the introduction of more powerful mobile devices comes the need for more mobile-friendly web design. Images and text should display brilliantly, regardless of screen size or operating platform. Accessibility and loading speeds shouldn’t significantly vary from device to device as well. Since 2012, the demand for responsive web design has picked up and shows no sign of slowing.

Scrolling Innovation

More and more internet users nowadays have come to appreciate parallax scrolling, a computer graphics technique where background images move more slowly than those in the foreground, which creates an illusion of depth and immersion. Popularly used in video games, this visual technique enhances navigation and makes for a stimulating content presentation.

Sunshine Coast web design features that embody the spirit of a tech-driven lifestyle will benefit businesses as well as create a pleasant user experience for the customer. Count on web design and development specialists such as Marketing theProduct to create the kind of business website that strengthens your brand image online, engages site visitors, and gets mores customers through your door.

(Source: 5 Website Design Trends to Dominate 2015, 04 November 2014, The Var Guy)