The following quote is from Erik Hinton, interactive news developer for the New York Times, during a 2013 interview with Mashable’s Denise Lu:

Web Designers - Video Games: An Unusual Source for Sunshine Coast Web Design Ideas

“Game designers are lightyears ahead of most app and web makers in asking questions about what interactivity entails and how meaningful play happens.”

It’s a clear indication of how web and game design share a common doctrine. The methods may differ, but graphic designer Anne Miles believes some rules of game design can be applied to Sunshine Coast web design. Does this mean a web designer has to have experience in game design or vice-versa? Perhaps not.

Main Menu

The main menu is to a game as the homepage is to a website. Any command in the main menu leads to a separate page, just as the tabs on the homepage lead to their respective pages. Web design is a simpler process, of course, since there’s no gameplay or pause command involved. Nevertheless, the pages are interconnected; they can bring you back to the homepage.

There are different ways to make menus in the homepage look like something straight out of a video game. JavaScript, in fact, makes almost anything possible. Radial menus, for example, arrange icons in a circle and expand as a smaller circle when selected. This will be useful in designing mobile websites; Android, in fact, has already patented its own radial menu design.

Custom Cursors

Cursors other than the iconic arrow are nothing new. Basic web design need not build a new set of cursors, if possible, since it’s already inherent in modern operating systems. Clickable content will change the cursor from arrow to pointing finger by simply moving. There’s hardly any need for a cursor overhaul unless you’re aiming for aesthetics.

Icons and Fade-Out Pages

Most games quickly transition between tabs, which are labelled by icons instead of full words. This property can be applied to webpages using HTML and CSS, as well as implemented by JavaScript. Depending on the computer’s performance, these pages will make browsing much easier and faster.

There are still more Sunshine Coast website design inspirations to discuss, but that’s up to the designer’s imagination. If you want your website to look like something straight out of Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, trust web designers like Marketing theProduct to get you ready for a revolution.

(Source: “What Web Designers Can Learn From Video Games,” Smashing Magazine)