From the loss of leads to overall search engine optimisation (SEO) failure, bad website design can be mighty expensive for your Sunshine Coast business. While people may have different takes on what constitutes quality design, the good news is that certain universal principles can serve as points of reference. Whether you have an existing website or have yet to build one, be sure to avoid these top 4 design mistakes.

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  1. Excessively flamboyant details. Pages should exhibit a certain continuity, yet it can be hard to pick your design elements when you have way too many options. Unless your website is a platform for showcasing your artistic prowess, you would do well to keep your web design features coherent and well edited. Stick to a uniform theme and limit the font and colour line-ups to a maximum of 3.
  1. Broken and missing links. Do you not feel annoyed whenever you discover a link to an intriguing piece of information, only to find out that it leads to a “404” error page? Check your website regularly to ensure that all your links are working. suggests including a “contact the webmaster” link on the site so users can easily inform you about broken links. Include a link back to your Home Page on every page so users can access your main site even if they only have the URL for a specific landing page.
  1. Overwhelming clutter. People who visit your site already have an idea of what they seek, so your job is to get them to the right page(s). Drown them with pop-ups, in-your-face pitches, flashy animation, and worthless babble, however, and you’ll simply drive them away faster than you can say SEO. As for texts, be sure not to fit them all in a single block as most people won’t have the patience to read them. Break up ideas using headlines, subheads, numbers, bullets, etc. You can place a few photos as well, but make sure to leave enough white space so pages never feel cluttered.
  1. Lack of information. Always remember to place phone numbers and addresses where they should be easily found. Just because a person browses your website doesn’t mean he or she only wants to connect with you online. To ensure your prospects can easily contact and find you, create a separate contact us page with your email, office address, and phone number(s), and place a link back to it on every page.

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