Checklists are important—they help pilots make sure that every aspect of the plane is safe and ready for the flight. In the same way, you also need to have a checklist to follow through right to the day of launching your website, even if you’ve hired reliable Sunshine Coast web design professionals. You aren’t exactly saving lives, but you’re preventing disaster that could happen if your first few visitors to your site happen upon broken or inefficient features.

Website Launch Checklist - Sunshine Coast Web Design Tips: The Important Checklist before Launch

Check your site map.

A site map is a tool that makes it easy for your customers or site visitors to navigate the pages of your website, so be sure to create one before your launch. Pretty much like an actual map, you can draw one by sketching your site and the sections or individual pages and place everything as links on the homepage.

Proofread content.

One of the worst things you could leave out for your viewers to discover is the presence of glaring grammatical errors, so be sure to proofread all texts that will be appearing on the site. Check spelling, grammar, paragraph or heading formatting, and other things. Make sure that any generic content (lorem ipsum) has been removed before launch.

Check image render.

Have your web designer inspect how your images render. Here are some tips from Search Engine Watch writer Mark Knowles:

Make sure all display text renders on the image when you hover over it (the alt attribute). Make sure the images display correctly. Are they larger than 120 kilobytes? If so, find out of there is a good reason for that. You really only need 72 dots per inch (dpi) for web images in terms of quality.

Inspect metadata.

Make sure that each of your site’s pages have sufficient metadata and a unique title tag. It’s also important to have the meta description optimised for the search engines to notice you, and thus draw as much site traffic as you could possibly attract. Meta titles, tags, and descriptions are what search engines mainly use to index web pages for searches.

The quality of web design for Sunshine Coast businesses play an important role in the overall marketing and brand building campaign. So while it’s important to hire reliable web design companies, such as Marketing theProduct, you should actively be in the forefront of checking up on the details contained in your checklist before launching your campaign.

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