Every aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO) matters. Although it’s not a bad thing to care a lot about your links and keywords, they are not the only things that help make your SEO strategy successful.

The technical aspects of your website may be complicated and often go unnoticed, but they are just as crucial to your Sunshine Coast SEO strategy as the other aspects mentioned above. Search Engine Watch emphasises that correcting even the slightest technical issue may provide more benefits than link-building efforts. There is no need to be a master computer scientist, so don’t worry; you won’t need to carry out all the fixes yourself as you can leave all that to a web developer. Instead, learn what to look out for.

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Certain technical problems can directly or indirectly affect your website’s SEO rankings. These include the following:

Redirects. Search engines are particularly adamant against redirect errors. There are different kinds of redirects, but what you want to pay attention to are 301 and 302. According to MOZ, users often can’t tell the difference between them. However, search engines view them rather differently.

Simply put, a 301 redirect tells the search engine that the redirect is permanent and, thus, the link equity passes on to the new page. A 302, by contrast, is temporary, and new URLs do not inherit link equity because search engines expect the original page to eventually return.

If a 301 redirect turns out to be a 302, there’s a risk of penalty from search engines. Talk to your developer about making the necessary tweaks to ensure that only 301 redirects are used.

Page Duplicates. Widely considered a black hat SEO technique, page duplication can only harm your SEO efforts. Search engines treat multiple pages that may not be completely identical but basically have the same content as duplicates. A thorough site crawl can reveal duplicate versions of your homepage. Your developer can then add a 301 redirect so that users who land on duplicate pages are pointed towards the correct version.

Soft 404. Whilst users may see a 404 (page not found), search engines encounter a status 200 instead and consider that the page is working correctly when in fact it is not. This is known as a soft 404. To ensure that such a page does not get crawled or indexed, a web developer can set it to reflect a 404 status every time.

You can consult a trusted provider of Sunshine Coast SEO services, such as Marketing theProduct, about how to spot these problems and, more importantly, how to solve them.


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