With a population nearing 300,000 residents, the Sunshine Coast has become an extremely competitive Australian community. It is, therefore, more important for any website to make certain that it is running as efficiently as possible more than ever before. Any small issues can be addressed before they grow into massive problems by taking a proactive as opposed to a reactive stance. What are some key areas that should always be attended to?

web design - Adapting to Changes in Web Design: Proactive v. Reactive Approaches

Device Analyses

In other words, which devices are being used the most frequently to access the site in question? Many third-party web design specialists are able to analyse the use of tablets, laptops, personal computer and smartphones. The reason that this is important is that smartphones are expected to outpace traditional Internet access in the near future. Unfortunately, 46 per cent of these users complained that many static sites were not able to be properly viewed. A mobile-friendly website is therefore a key concern that web design professionals on the Sunshine Coast, such as those from Marketing the Product, can address.

Cloud Storage

Many websites are intended to store and collate vast amounts of private data. Examples here can be the websites of accounting firms, telemarketing agencies and similar customer-oriented businesses. The problem here is that information can be lost, compromised or otherwise corrupted. Secure cloud storage solutions provide levels of redundancy that would otherwise not be possible through traditional in-house methods. Also, let us never forget that this data is stored in a centralised database and it can be accessed quickly by all authorised personnel.

SEO Solutions
It should come as no surprise that quality SEO services represent a significant category in regards to good Sunshine Coast web design. SEO is actually quite a challenging field due to the seemingly constant updates enacted by Google. To put it another way, what may have worked well yesterday could no longer be applicable today. The professional nature of a qualified web design team will take into account all of the latest SEO updates and implement them into a current content marketing strategy.

These are some of the top tips which will allow any Sunshine Coast enterprise to achieve the success that it deserves. Please stay tuned for next month’s updates alongside timely and relevant advice.


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