Whether you’re a CEO of a large firm, a small and medium enterprise (SME) owner, an internet marketer, or a casual blogger, analytics is something that you should consider important to your business. It is the cornerstone of all SEO endeavours, and therefore, is something your business website should never do without.

sunshine coast seo services google analytics can only get you so far - SEO Services: Google Analytics Can Only Get You So Far

Fortunately for many online businesses, Google Analytics offers a free way to obtain detailed statistics about their website’s marketing reach. If this is your first time hearing about this service, an article by Howard Deskin for Work It, Lynchburg, an informational website for businesses in Central Virginia, U.S.A., provides some valuable information on what the service can do for you.

“What does every website and mobile site have in common? Give up? Pages, lots of pages that hold headlines, text, images, videos, call to action buttons, PDF downloads, forms, etc. How site visitors interact with these pages determines whether they are going to buy from you, donate money, or volunteer for your cause.

Understanding how your pages are performing is critical to determining how effective your marketing is in converting visitors to customers. Fortunately Google analytics has a wealth of page performance information including how visitors got there, how long they stayed, where they went next, and whether a visitor converted, or took the action you wanted them to.

The latest version of Google Analytics has page performance information in the “Behavior” section. Taking a good like at the following information will help identify whether the pages are performing effectively or changes are in order.”

Be that as it may, Google Analytics can only do so much. You may need advanced data that the service can’t provide (e.g. where a customer clicks within a page, tracking the visits of robots, cluster report for load balanced servers ratio), and for that, you’ll need more advanced analytics services—the kind that only the best Sunshine Coast SEO services can provide.

Through advanced analytics, you reclaim the power to make well-informed decisions for your website, decisions based on hard facts, and not mere premonitions. Talk to a Sunshine Coast SEO provider like Marketing the Product to help you get the most from your website. From advanced web analytics and regular reporting and feedback to SEO, PPC, hosting, and web design—with these services and more, your business will always have fresh content for the Search Engines to index, steadily building your authority and presence online.

Get in touch with a reputable SEO marketing company and find out how your business can benefit from digital marketing, website reporting, and optimisation, among other recognized SEO marketing strategies.

(Source: How are your website pages doing?, Work It, Lynchburg Learning Center, Feb. 6, 2014)