Many Sunshine Coast companies don’t realise it but all marketing efforts and SEO services have to work together to achieve the best results. Hundreds of similar businesses are vying for the attention of around 300,000 residents in Queensland, and correct search engine optimisation will ensure your business receives its fair share.
seo - Complete the Jigsaw: SEO Services All Work Together for Best Results

SEO is vitally important in building brand and product awareness across the Sunshine Coast which is why it is important to understand what it is. Certainly it’s to do with search engines keywords, and other internet marketing jargon you are already familiar with. Those, however, are just a few pieces of the jigsaw. You can’t possibly see the big picture without completing it.

Web pages are made up of text, photos, and infographics. Imagine the big search engines as website librarians. If you walked into a library and asked for a book on website SEO, the librarian would look up ‘website SEO’ in the database. With rack and shelf number in hand, the librarian trots off and comes back with maybe three books with website SEO in the title. You then can read the fly cover, and pick which you want.

Likewise when someone types ‘website SEO’ into Google’s search box, Google searches its database of millions of web pages, and brings those it considers most relevant, to the top of page one.

Now we’re into those keywords, but what makes Google pick one page above another? Firstly keywords have become much narrower. Long tailed keywords, much more specific to the content, are preferred. While long tail keywords reduce overall search clicks, they also help to reduce page bounce rate.

Secondly you have to optimise for on page and off page factors.

On page factors include:

• Content – still massively important to the search engines. It has to be good, trustworthy, relevant and fresh. And include the requisite number of keywords.

• Article or document titles have to appertain to the content, and should ideally be less than 60 characters.

• The URL layout is all important to the search engines and should include content keywords.

• Correct alt image text in relation to content.

As you can see, every area should reflect on the content of the piece. That content, whether blog, news, product or service article, should reflect back on the website.

Off page factors include:

• Making your site mobile friendly.

• Ensuring loading speed is as fast as it can be.

• Page links work, and take customers where they’re supposed to go.

• The greater the number of incoming links from higher authorities, the better the ranking. These have to be earned over time. Buying from a link farm will get you heavily penalised, and you will be found out.

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