Change is something that is always constant in Internet marketing, especially with algorithm updates from search engines rolling out one after the other. Now, it seems that the industry is entering yet another groundbreaking era as search engines seek to work together to provide users with the best experience possible. This means big things as well for marketers looking to make the most out of these changes. SEO services from respected agencies, such as Marketing the Product, are needed now more than ever whether you are on the Sunshine Coast or anywhere else in Australia.

seo - SEO Services are Needed Now More than Ever as Search Engines Change

What’s the Deal?

It all started back when newcomer Bing made a deal with Yahoo which was renewed last April. The deal now allows Bing’s ads to appear on 51 percent of all desktop searches Yahoo delivers. Last October, Google and Yahoo partnered up as well in a 3-year deal. Yahoo will now be able to display Google’s search results and ads. Yahoo’s deal with these two major search engines means a shift in the world of search. Users can now look at a simpler search with more complex results in the future.

How will it change SEO?

SEO will also drastically change. With search engines now working together for the better, things will be less complicated for marketers on the Sunshine Coast and everywhere the deal will take effect. For instance, there may be no more need to optimise separately for all three major search engines just to get on the front page. No longer will marketers only have to focus on Google alone to yield results. It’s about time you explore other platforms and what they can do for you and your business or embrace the trend of being platform-agnostic.

What else will change?

Both Yahoo’s deals with Bing and Google will also affect how paid advertising works in general. Although, it remains to be seen just how big an impact it will have. Your paid advertisements can show up on more than one platform. This might mean lesser advertising costs to marketers as both Google and Bing will be competing in a smaller, similar space.

Still, there will be key differences between the three moving forward which means you would still need to follow certain rules. Until the search engines openly speak out about how marketers can best take advantage of these changes, it’s best to stick to what works. Best practices like optimisation and quality content creation are still the best ways to rank.


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