Google is so big that many totally associate it with SEO. However, it’s really just one search engine.

What if one day Google decides to shut down, either for a long time or for good? What will you do if you’ve spent the past several years pushing your SEO to Google and Google alone? The implications of relying on one major search engine are all too real. If this wasn’t the case, then why does the Internet still use Bing and Yahoo?

Generate Traffic - SEO Services Believe SEO Still Possible Without Google

Search Engine Watch contributor Chuck Price lists at least ten tips on making SEO work in the event Google goes dark. Most of these tips form the bulk of many Sunshine Coast SEO services like Marketing theProduct. Alone, their impact isn’t as powerful as Google; but together, they can bring in visitors or referrals as much as Google does.

Joining a Forum

Prior to social media’s rise to fame, forums and discussion boards were the primary avenues of sharing information. Today, despite social media’s rise to fame, these boards are still relevant; sites such as Reddit continue to flourish in activity. It’s a great place to start endorsing your blog since you can talk about practically anything in a forum.

To pull this off, however, you’ll need to establish a decent reputation in the community. Actively participate in discussions for the first few days for members to get to know more about you. It will take more hard work for forum marketing to fully take effect, mostly earning the trust of your fellow forum members.

Blogging and Commenting

It’s not unusual for SEO companies to publish articles on news sites like Search Engine Watch. Price says guest blogging won’t do anything to increase links, but it can make you appear as an authority on a specific subject. The snippet cited in this industry news article is an example of a guest blog.

In a similar way, commenting on other guest blogs isn’t just designed to provide backlinks but also to establish subject expertise. By definition, a “comment” is a statement or opinion— oral or written— about a subject; online comments are no different. Linking your blog isn’t the best way to use the commenting system.

Question and Answer

Q&A sites such as Yahoo! Answers are seldom well-known for accuracy, given that anyone with a Yahoo! account can answer questions. The website is literally a mishmash of practical and head-scratching questions and answers. This is where your authority on a certain subject kicks in. Answer questions professionally and, if possible, cite your sources.

These are some of the best ways you can improve your Sunshine Coast SEO strategy without Google. It’s up to you to discover the rest.

(Source: “The 10 Best Ways to Generate Traffic Without Google,” Search Engine Watch, June 30, 2014)