Business owners may think that hiring Sunshine Coast SEO services to improve their websites is unnecessary. However, having an expert on hand can help avoid mistakes. As an example, Jayson DeMers recently wrote an article for Forbes about some of the mistakes people make when trying to implement SEO for their site. One of these errors is the lack of measuring the effectiveness of campaigns:

“With so many free tools available, it’s a stupid mistake to fail to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Every campaign should be carefully monitored to determine ROI. If you deploy a large social media effort and it fails, you can take a step back and determine why it didn’t work. Then, each subsequent time you launch a campaign on social media, you can change things and see which changes make the biggest difference.”

Avoiding the waste of not measuring your performance is just one example of how professionals like Marketing the Product can help your business refine its SEO methods. There are also other mistakes that these Sunshine Coast SEO firms can help avoid.

5 stupid seo mistakes youre making right now - SEO Services Help You Avoid Mistakes in SEO Marketing

Incorrect Link Building

Though the main goal of SEO is to improve your search rankings by establishing a lot of links, it can easily backfire. The latest Google algorithms will notice if there are thousands of links connecting to a single page, which is a big hint that you’re trying to artificially bump your site’s visibility. Upon detection, Google will likely slap penalties to your site that will make its search ranking drop like a rock.

Experienced SEO analysts would try to create a more organic link building campaign. One of the ways this is done is by creating a blog and having the links connect to individual posts.

Improper Keyword Usage

Another mistake made by those starting an SEO campaign without professional help is improper keyword use. In the old days, “keyword stuffing” or the practice of inserting as many keywords as possible on a webpage was used to raise search rankings. Nowadays, with improved search capabilities, Google and other search engines can detect such a tactic. Use of this can lead to a website being downgraded, which is why SEO experts often advise website owners to publish original, properly optimized content rather than using the same keywords over and over.

Duplicating Content

Beginners in SEO often make the mistake of duplicating existing content to new pages, thus confusing the indexing process of search engines. Competent SEO professionals will be able to provide you with original and well-made content to ensure your search page presence.

(Source: 5 Stupid SEO Mistakes You’re Making Right Now, Forbes, July 25, 2014)