The way your website looks and feels matters a lot to the overall user experience. Yet website design on the Sunshine Coast goes far beyond the aesthetic elements as it also has to do with function. This factor largely depends on your site’s structure.

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Many online marketing guides extol the virtues of keyword integration and link-building, methods that are indeed vital to search engine optimisation (SEO). Site structure is just as essential because it relates directly to how well your web pages get crawled and indexed by search engines. Here’s what you need to know.


All the pages of your site inevitably fall under certain categories and hierarchies. However, everything has to make sense from an SEO perspective. Search Engine Journal points out that navigation plays a huge role in how search engines rank your website.

You have to ensure that your website’s navigation scheme helps, rather than hinders, search engines. If your site cannot be crawled easily, its chances of being indexed drops. This, in turn, diminishes your ranking on search results.

To make it easy for Google bots or crawlers to navigate your site, Search Engine Land recommends opting XHTML and CSS navigation schemes instead of JavaScript and Flash that hide links from search engines and thereby decrease “crawlability”.

Internal Linking

The depth of your site’s structure, i.e. how many clicks it takes to reach each page, matters when it comes to web design on the Sunshine Coast. An unnecessary number of links poses issues for both search engine crawlers and human users.

You can remedy the problem by establishing internal links or connections between individual pages. Internal linking not only reduces the number of clicks needed and enhances the user experience but also improves site crawlability and opens up opportunities for incorporating keywords in anchor links.

Take time to examine the above elements to ensure that your site structure is contributing to the success of your SEO strategy. If you want to further improve your site structure to make it search engine-friendly, you can talk to a trusted service provider such as Marketing theProduct about implementing the necessary improvements to your site’s structure.


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