Continuous improvement should be the goal of any SEO effort. After all, anything that can be measured can be improved. At the same time, you have to ensure that there is progress and that you are getting your money’s worth in the form of organic search results and increased click-through rates.

1 - SEO Services on the Sunshine Coast: Why You Need to Track Your Metrics

For this reason, measuring and tracking the progress of your SEO campaign is essential to your online marketing success. To determine if your current campaign strategy is working, take a good look at your SEO report. The report should provide important data that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of any online marketing strategy being carried out on your company’s behalf.

According to SEO Moz, you need to keep track of certain critical metrics to determine what works and what doesn’t. In particularly, pay particular attention to the relationship between your target keywords and your conversion rates. After all, good keyword research is the foundation of any solid SEO strategy.

Select the wrong keywords, and you might see an improvement in site traffic without an actual rise in the number of conversions. By targeting the right search terms or phrases, your website becomes more visible to the kind of visitors who are likely to be actual customers or clients. Trust a Sunshine Coast SEO company like Marketing theProduct to help you find the right keywords from among hundreds of exact search phrases your customers are likely to use.

On a related note, Search Engine Land notes that it is important to attribute conversion accurately to figure out exactly which traffic sources yield the most leads and which ones lag behind. A thorough SEO report, in other words, allows you to know if the search engine traffic you are getting from particular keywords indeed results in significant conversion rates.

If you’ve ever thought about growing your online presence, your business can benefit from the kind of search engine optimisation or SEO services on the Sunshine Coast that a company like Marketing theProduct can offer. Such a company would be forthcoming with all the information you need and can even provide the report for free.


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