Algorithm updates, such as Google’s Panda and Penguin, are critical to the effectiveness of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign and the realisation of online marketing goals. These algorithms play distinct roles in enhancing the overall experiences of online users and can mean the difference between the success and failure of your business website. Before you commit to SEO services in Sunshine Coast, read about these vital algorithms and how SEO providers should manage your campaign.

Getting to Know Panda and Penguin

Penguin is primarily tasked to fight web spam. This algorithm is being constantly updated since its launch in April 2012. Each change decreases the rankings of websites that are found to be in violation of the quality guidelines of Google. As Penguin is all about links, Google search spam experts encourage webmasters to design sites that online users will share and bookmark instead of employing spamming techniques.

No other algorithm had the effect that Panda generated throughout the SEO industry. Launched in February 2011 and with updates rolling out, Panda targets poor quality content. Sites with duplicate content from other websites, pages that are not useful, and sites with low-value add for users are flagged as low-quality sites. Panda automatically reduces rankings for these poor value sites while improving the rankings of high-quality websites with unique content and information based on careful analysis, reports, or research.

Look for White Hat SEO Providers

White Hat SEO providers steer clear from poor and spammy content known in the marketing world as “black hat” techniques. Violation of Google’s stringent guidelines can lead to a drop in rankings to removal from search results, something that you definitely don’t want your site to experience. This penalty, or “slap”, affects your website’s positive reputation and huge decrease in traffic. Not only will you have to work double to recover from penalties, no traffic on your site means no sales, so your business will suffer financial backlash as well.

What does a White Hat provider do?

It is best to find a Sunshine Coast SEO provider that focuses on fresh and high-quality content and knows the importance of understanding your business and target market. This is key in creating content that has value and usefulness, bridging connections with online users to your services or products. Instead of being written for search engines, content must be created for your target audience.

Know-how in technical marketing means that an SEO provider should be able to build natural backlinks through high quality content that will get users to link back to you. Social Media is another avenue that savvy White Hat SEO providers utilise to strengthen your online presence and social signal—another intrinsic factor that Google detects.

At Marketing the Product, we utilise SEO methodologies that are in compliance with the latest updates of search algorithms such as Google’s Panda and Penguin. You can have peace of mind that your online marketing campaign is being developed by White Hat SEO experts. We provide high-quality SEO services in Sunshine Coast, Queensland that ensure both on-page and off-page optimisation.