In this digital age, anybody can easily get information online. Many consumers have developed the habit of conducting research about products or services first before purchasing. According to studies, 78% of consumers research online prior to buying, so if they can’t find information about your offerings online or you are not visible online, they will not purchase from your shop. Search engine optimisation (SEO) addresses this problem by ensuring that your website can be easily found when customers look for the products or services you offer using search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Doing More Than Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO will definitely get your site and products noticed; however, if you want your business to appeal to a local audience, this type of optimisation is not the only service that you need. Many local businesses make the mistake of focusing too much on traditional SEO instead of optimization solutions that are geographically focused. You are foregoing creating the necessary “buzz” that enables you to dominate local search results and encourages prospects to visit your physical store and make purchases. Marketing theProduct can help you create that much-needed local buzz to get noticed in your area.

As this type of service targets specific areas, elements used in generating local buzz greatly differ from general search factors. According to the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors by Moz, surveyed industry experts agree that factors such as Place Page Signals, On-page Signals, External Location Signals, Review Signals, and Social Signals help websites rank in local searches. Naturally, having a Sunshine Coast SEO services expert like us to oversee your campaign will yield a better ranking for your business.

Getting External Search Results

We will help you dominate local searches not just by ranking high in local searches, but also by getting search results from external sites. By having experts like Marketing theProduct optimizing your business’ local online presence in other web properties, your site’s overall ranking improves and shows up on more results in Google. External web properties you can utilise to generate this type of local buzz include social media, maps, review sites, and local listings.

The Buzz You Need for Your Local Business

When our team handles your online marketing campaign, we incorporate the following location-targeted approaches to your company’s standard SEO work. Your business will be well on its way to generating the local buzz that will help you attract and acquire more consumers:

  • Establish NAP Presence and Consistency
  • Avoid/Eliminate Duplicate Places Listings
  • Get Published on Review/Rating Sites
  • Boost Social Media Reviews
  • Encourage and Facilitate Web Check-ins

These are just a few of the approaches we can use to generate local buzz for your business. As your Sunshine Coast SEO provider, we make sure that your site not only ranks well on Google; we also ensure that our Local Buzz services help you dominate local search results and get more customers walking in to your actual store and purchasing your products.